home-inspections2We know that you are in a hurry. We can usually accommodate your need to get the inspection results quickly and efficiently so that you can act decisively. The report you receive, generally within a day or two of the inspection, is based on all the experience, observational skill, and assessments of the engineer who examined your house.

A home inspection provides you with a critical analysis of the current condition of the home you want to buy. The value of that opinion is directly related to the knowledge and expertise of the person rendering it, as well as his or her ability to communicate that opinion to you in a way that permits you to make an informed decision. That’s why all Acute Engineering reports are written by licensed Professional Engineers – the highest standard in the industry.

We are generally not the least expensive inspection service in the area, but we are almost always the most experienced and professional. Those for whom price is the only measure should shop elsewhere; those who shop for value will not be disappointed with their decision to engage Acute Engineering.

Buying, Selling, or Own a Property? Don’t Pay Twice for Your Home Inspection – Hire Professional Engineers

When you choose Acute Engineering, Inc., your home inspection will be conducted by a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). Consumers who retain the services of a company not licensed to practice Professional Engineering, may be faced with paying a second fee if the home inspector uncovers a problem, such as a structural defect, that requires the opinion of a Licensed Professional Engineer. Shouldn’t you retain the services of a home inspection company licensed to practice engineering right from the start? Location, location, location, you’ve heard that often enough in your search for real estate. Once you find your dream property, there’s nothing more important than Structural, structural, structural. You need to know that the building in question is structurally sound. Only a Licensed Professional Engineer is legally entitled to render an opinion about the structural integrity of an existing building. That’s an important reason for retaining the services of a home inspection company licensed to practice engineering.

home-inspections4What Is Covered, Your Role in the Process, and The Home Inspection Checklist Report

The home inspection services of Acute Engineering, Inc. cover all aspects of the home, particularly those that are structural and/or mechanical in nature. These home inspections range from the overall general evaluation of a property, to problem-solving in a specifically targeted area, as well as home inspections to meet pre-determined requirements. The process includes the evaluation of conditions; the recommendation of changes, enhancements or corrections where necessary; and, if repair is required, the availability of re-inspection services to assure that the repair work completed meets necessary standards.

Our home inspection will give you a professional unbiased overview of the property you are interested in purchasing or already own. It will inform you about the positive and negative technical aspects and can help reduce the risks of unforeseen repairs and costs in the future.

Structural Inspection

A Structural Inspection is a visual inspection of the foundation elements, bearing walls, beams and columns, floor slabs, framing, crawlspace areas, and drainage by a Licensed Professional Engineer. These components are observed for signs of movement, distress, damage, and/or the ability to adversely affect the rest of the structure. General recommendations are made and repair design concepts are discussed. This inspection is not a structural repair design however; it is an inspection to determine the existing condition of the structural elements and whether repairs are warranted based on those conditions. Structural repair design is available if deemed necessary.

Key Benefits to having a Structural Inspection:

  • The Structural Inspection focuses exclusively on the structure, and is therefore more in depth than the structural portion of a standard home inspection.
  • If the Structural Inspection reveals issues requiring a Structural Repair Design, the Inspection is utilized as a basis for that design.
  • A home is the biggest investment you may ever make and the structure of the home is the most important component. Therefore, it makes good sense to have the structure evaluated for potential problems.


  • Our Engineers are experienced and trained in recognizing structural concerns associated with residential & commercial buildings. We also are trained to recognize construction deficiencies that may not yet have manifested into distress.
  • We receive many calls from buyers that need a structural inspection, because their home inspector or appraiser identified a concern but could not legally render an opinion on the issue. We are available and qualified to render that opinion